Chapter 2: Handy Times

As I was contemplating building them a new house and picking out a plan, I was having to wait since they were hungry and tired.  Then they beelined for the bed.


Boss:  I thought the bed was borked?
Lacey:  We lied.  We just want a new house!
Elvis:  Hush.  We don’t actually know why it works now, but we are not going to waste a moment.  Woohoo!

They had no trouble going right to bed and going to work the next morning.

Boss *deletes house while the couple are gone*

The House – 3 bedroom/3bath


We all know that I can’t build.  They do have a flat roof since it is not something I can really ruin.


The pool.  It might actually become a fountain at one point.


The kitchen.  I really like how it turned out.  I can’t wait until the 5-star chef is born.


Living room.  Behind that tv is a bedroom and bathroom.  There are no doors there since I need less places to clean.


The reading nook.  This will be migrated upstairs when I get up there to decorate.  They have $0 and the upstairs is now a mess.


Lacey came home first.  She was pretty excited by…the windows.  o.o


Then she saw the video game system that no one will actually touch this update.


She headed straight for her computer station and went to work.


Elvis hated it on sight.  He actually left to go play in the gyro thing.


He came back in and he still was not impressed.


Since Lacey needs to max fishing at this point, this is where she spends every second that she is not sleeping or working.


This leaves me a lot of time to get rid of the elixirs that Elvis makes, but I can’t use on the family.  Marty Keaton just aged up to Elder after getting hit by the aging elixir.


Elvis then threw a Zombification potion at Parker Langerak


Kaylynn’s turn was next.  Parker was on hand to watch.


Kaylynn is now a Simbot.


I was surprised by the pop up telling me it was Elvis’ birthday.  We are definitely running out of baby time.


I finally quit fishing and started getting Lacey to tinker with things at every spot in the world to get broken items.




After days and days of fixing things, she actually got to the breaking point.  She was forced to go chat with plants to bring her social back up.



She finally got the plumbing achievement done.  All that is left is to fix 6 or 8 broken electrical items.


I had her tinker with cheap electronics until they broke.  Too bad nothing ever broke.  I then decided Elvis would go around with his 0 handy skills and tinker.  We just have to cross our fingers that he doesn’t die.


Some of her tinkerings go horribly wrong.  Luckily she grabbed the extinguisher pretty quickly and Elvis was shooting ice blasts at it.  It didn’t break the tv though.


They are still allowed to have some fun once in awhile.  Especially when I notice the friendship bar starting to diminish.


Elvis amuses himself with his new spell on the paparazzi guy.


Paparazzi guy was not amused, but I sure was.


Some random townie walked right into the house (or was invited and I didn’t see it).  Elvis does another spell.


Elvis then told him to get out of the house.


I had let Lacey take a break and the newest Paparazzi person caused hate within Lacey.  Lacey smacked her up and yelled at her.  Then went and got Elvis.  Elvis toadified her then set her on fire.


Then it finally happened.  The last item to fix was this speaker.


We also quit doing the fish mastery.  She got a wish to upgrade 50 items for 7,500 points.  We grabbed that (at the time she was 38 items) as a backup.


Fun times were had finally.


And the results are in.  Baby on the way!


Tyree had diminished to old friend, so we quickly changed that.  She also has no boss at work and a maxed promotion bar.  Hopefully she can get to work before maternity leave or find someone to ask for a promotion.

Next time…BABIES!!!

Generation 1: Lacey Moonlight
Life State: Fairy
Traits: Workaholic, Hopeless Romantic, Handy, Green Thumb, Genius
Lifetime Wish: Creature Robot Cross Breeder (DONE)
One Non-Normal Best Friend: Tyree Jolina-Brown (Witch)
Two Career/Professional Objects
: Gardening and Handiness Certificates (DONE)
Three Unique Opportunities: Allow Me to Introduce Myself; 2 Servings of Cookies; Networking is Key (DONE)
Four Unique Lifetime Happiness Rewards:
Discount Diner; Jetsetter: Office Hero; Queen of the Fae (DONE)
Five Unique Regular Wishes (5,000 LTP):
Reach level 10 of Science Career +9,000 (done). Master Handiness Skill +7,500 (done). Upgrade 50 objects +7,500 (Done). Have First Child +5,000 (Locked). Marry Elvis +5,000 (done). (4/5)
Six Unique Skill Challenges: Botanical Boss, Master Farmer, Master Planter, The Tinkerer, the Plumber, the Electrician (Done).
Seven Mausoleum Pieces: 7 Perfect Plants (Done).

Spouse: Elvis Moonlight
Life State: Witch
Traits: Flirty, Neat, Hydrophobic, Nurturing, Ambitious, Spellcasting.
LTW: Leader of the Free World (Level 7 currently).

Game Clock: Week 8, Day 1.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 2: Handy Times

  1. That fairy statue is awesome! I really wish my game didn’t lag so much so I could look in at the items for decoration.
    I LMAO at their reactions to the new house! Haha!

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