Chapter 1

Here is my Life States Dynasty restart.  This will take place in Moonlight Falls with all EA sims.  *gag*


In fact, when I opened up CAS, this premade was there.


So, I did surgery on her and this is what we have to look at for the next 7 generations.

Rose Moonlight is Flirty, Neat, Natural Cook, Hopeless Romantic and Ambitious.  She likes Soul, Grilled Cheese and Red.

(pic was double touched up by my batch process, she isn’t really that ugly).


We grabbed a 64 x 64 lot and then deleted about $1300.  She wants to be a 5-star chef, so she was sent off to get a job and take a cooking class while I built her a house.


This is what she gets.  A windowless shack.  She can’t even afford a bed, so she gets a sleeping bag.


She finished up her class and came home to start skilling.


She may not be able to use elixirs, but we need happy points so she can at least make them and delete them later on.


This is the basic part of the house.  There is an enclosed bathroom right below the camera.


She was sent off to the Summer festival  and got her face painted.


Later, she bought a recipe book and went to her first day of work.


It was a very stressful day.


She hits the elixir shop daily and collects the gems and bugs there to sell.  Her stress relieving chess set was one of the first things she bought.


She quickly sold it so that she could buy the chemistry set.  Her 7 items will be the potions she makes.


Pappy Wolff is her best friend now.  She even wished to kiss him, so she did.  She quickly became just friends with him because we all know he’s gonna die in a few days.


She is up to three potions now.  She is going to do all the cooking skill achievements too.


She is still poor, so she  hits up the library to read skill books.


Then she found enough metals and stuff to buy a bar.  She is hoping to do the mixology achievements too.


She is highly attracted to Jerod.  We might nab him later on, if he answers his phone.


Rose’s loneliness had me getting a little puppy for her.  This is Marina.   Jerod is the adoption guy.


She could barely afford all the stuff, but Rose did manage to get toys, a comfy bed and a food bowl.


Abduction #1


The two have a lot of fun together.  It keeps them both happy.


Unfortunately we were right.  Pappy died during the first week.  We will have to get Rose a new best friend.  She did get an Oh My Ghost opportunity, but we had to delete it because after 3 weeks, she got no other opportunities.  I figured since she can’t add anyone to the house anyway, that it was not going to be done.


At the time of Pappy’s death, Marina was at home having a birthday.


You do realize that in order to be successful, you should not be seen?

Burglar:  It doesn’t matter anyway.


Rose called the cops, but the cop just stood on the sidewalk the whole time.  The burglar got both outside lights and one of the chairs for the chess table.  Rose can’t afford to replace any of it.   The burglar then went and walked right past the cop and escaped.


It was also time to get Marina hunting.  I would  much rather have a guard dog, but gem finding will come in handy too.


Marina always brings Rose the newspaper.  Too bad it’s always the old icky ones.


Abduction #2


She cried after the first abduction and she is sick for this one.  I wonder what she will do next time.


I can’t wait for the mourning period to be over.  This is just driving me nuts.


Abduction #3.  This time she yelled or something.


Rose is now able to moonlight as a mixologist for some extra cash.  She made $93 the first time.


Abduction #4.  She’s not the only one getting annoyed with this.


Rose now brings Marina with her to the Elixir shop.  She dug up a 1/3 diamond something or other.


Rose found it hard to have a water balloon fight with this ghost.  She is almost completely invisible.  I have no clue who it is.


Marina brought in two woohooiums (Sp?) and a plutonium, Rose was finally able to add another room and a bed the next day.


Another night of moonlighting because she wants to earn $100 in tips.  She ended up bringing in $123.


Abduction #5.  She cried again.


She is still plugging away at the chemistry set too.  She is up to 5 potions.


She earned her first job reward, the Ingredient Eviscerator.


She has also made her first perfect dish with this Pumpkin Pie.


She is still on the broke side though.  She has to buy, read and sell a recipe book to be able to afford the next one.


Just like me, Rose is happy that we made it through the first update.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 1

    1. Oh gosh. I wish they would stop. They take three hours away that she desperately needs.

      I will therefore be sending all aliens to your active family!

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