Chapter 2

Last time, you were introduced to the GilsCarbo Family from our first town, Monte Vista.   The adults got started  on a sibling for Goopy, who although is not allowed to be heir, is much loved by his parents.  Soon after the chime, the family knew they needed a bigger house.  They moved across town and over the river to a farm, but were left with very little money.



Goopy was taught all of his skills while his parents tried to pay the bills with the produce that Carlotta made from the garden.  Eduardo, a musician, was finally getting promotions and earning enough to keep food on the table and the repo person away.


Soon, they realized that their family was growing.


The close knit family were so excited for the newest one to get there.  That did not stop them from hanging out together and listening to Ed jam on his guitar and watch Goopy with his new bear.


Carlotta had an opportunity to turn in 6 fresh fish.  She had to work a lot on her casting arm because the fish were miles from shore and she did  not have the money for a fishing expedition.


She eventually caught the fish and ran off to turn them in for a lot of cash.


Carlotta:  Look, here’s your fish.  Can you just give me my money and quit trying to flirt with the pregnant chick?
Chan:  I’m sorry.  You are just breathtaking in your glowing state.  I can’t help myself.  Here.  Take the $1,000.  Maybe gimme a call for a date sometime?
Carlotta:  Ugh.   Not even if you were the last man in MV.


Back home again, Carlotta knew better than to sit down and relax.  There were crops to water and veggies to harvest.


In the dark of night and in the pouring rain, Carlotta worked.  The rain, having watered all her plants, lessened her work load.


She was glad that Ed had gotten a promotion, but did he have to take so long in the bathroom?  She was too tired to go upstairs to the 2nd bath and she was oh so smelly.


Another day, another veggie crop to harvest.  What she really needed was for the idiot who planted that tree to come along and chop the thing down.  It totally kills her view! Luckily, she had a friend she could call.

Carlotta:  Jenn?  Can you please fix this?  It would make me so happy!

Just leave it to me.


By the end of the day, Carlotta had her view.


She went inside to do a light work out to loosen up her stiff muscles


Listened to Ed on his guitar while she ate dinner and headed on to bed..alone…again.

Stink Cloud:  If you washed once in awhile, maybe he would sleep at the same time as you.
Carlotta: Shut up!  I’m too tired.


Carlotta was unprepared for the baby to show up the next morning.  Her ever present stink cloud mocking her in her uncleanliness.


A quick run to the hospital later, Carlotta and Ed welcomed Gooey to the family.


Gooey delighted in the stink cloud.  Baby laughter at his mom’s discomfort was heard all the way downstairs.


After a quick shower, Carlotta got on with some house repairs…and some major toilet cleaning.


Ed:  Dammit!  Stupid cheap ass sink!  I need more promotions!


Gooey, for all his evilness, is also a very sweet boy and fairly happy as long as everyone else was miserable.


Carlotta and Eduardo were very excited when they got to have a birthday for Goopy.


Too bad Carlotta was not up for having cake.  Morning sickness this time around was hitting her hard.


Goopy did not disappoint.  His parents were quite proud of how sweet and adorable he ended up.


Goopy:  *chokes*  What do you mean I have been enrolled in Art School?
Eduardo was sad to tell Goopy that he wished to send him there and the points were much needed.


Especially that now a third child was officially confirmed.


Carlotta:  You look amazing after your makeover, honey.  Woohoo?
Eduardo:  You betcha!


Gooey turned out pretty cute.


While his mom worked the garden and his dad worked the guitar, Gooey was left to pretty much skill on his own.


Paper girl:  Wait!


PG:  Goopy, where are you going?  I want to be in a legacy too!
Goopy:  You’ll have to wait for my brother to grow up, I don’t count.  See ya when we are teens!


Face 1 paper girl, but she is kinda cute.


Paper Girl:  By future spouse!


Carlotta spent a rainy afternoon helping Gooey learn his pegs.


It was  not going well though.  Gooey would bang on them until he got mad and started screaming.  Carlotta kept trying to show him the correct way, but that just made him angrier.


She actually didn’t spend any more  time with him after that.


Stray:  Woof?!?
Carlotta:  Medic!


Gooky was brought home next.


Several days of boring gardening later, and she had her birthday and subsequent skilling.


Potty training was the best though.  Gooky was very excited to be a big girl and learned in a short amount of time.


Now that things were slowing down, Eduardo and Carlotta had to knuckle down and get the house back in order.  He fixed the broken tv.


Carlotta fixed the broken plumbing.  Neither one could wait until they could afford to call a repairman to take care of it all.


They still had time to get the kids all sorted.  Gooey was getting ready for his birthday.  Gooky had quite awhile left to go.


Eduardo was doing great at work.  He had recently chosen to go into the symphonic branch and was on the fast track to become a Hit Movie Composer within a few more years.


He even found time to keep in shape.


Harold:  Unhand those evil dolls!  They will steal your soul!

Gooey and Gooky:  *ignores Harold*


Carlotta couldn’t believe she was 40 already.


Carlotta:  I wish for…


Carlotta:  Oh no!  Whatever shall we do?


Oh I know!  Let’s stand around and panic.


Eduardo:  That is a good idea!  I will join you!


Carlotta:  I hope I don’t die.  I want my birthday wish to come true!
Eduardo:  Did you wish for a bonfire?  If so, I think it came true.


Carlotta *mid-panic*:  No, I wished for another baby!


Eduardo:  You did what?  We can’t afford more children!


Carlotta:  Maybe insurance will cover the fire and we can retire and have more babies.
Eduardo:  That fire lady is hot, and I don’t mean from the fire.
Fire Lady 1:  This guy is yummy!  I hope he has a midlife crisis soon and divorces his old lady and marries me!


Eduardo:  I just heard everything you just said.  Stick around for a bit?

Fire Lady 1:  Sure why not!  Thanks for asking!


Fire Lady 2:  Why are we still here?
Fire Lady 1:  I’m hoping to get a sniff at legacy living, of course.


Carlotta:  Say huh?  What did you two say?


Carlotta:  You don’t actually think he will be leaving this, do you?  What do you have that I don’t?


Carlotta:  I have to have a baby.
Eduardo:  I’m strangely all for it now that we have survived the fires of hell.


Carlotta:  Good!  ~This will cement our relationship and he won’t dare take on Fire Lady 1~


Fire  Lady 1:  Okay, you go down and start another fire.  I will lure the woman down there and push her in.


Fire Lady 2:  Good idea, Face 1 twin!  I knew that you would have a great idea.  We can then switch out living here while the other one fights fires.  Alternating weeks maybe?


After a chime inducing quickie, Eduardo finally came downstairs to get  the round of birthdays restarted.

Gooey:  Daddy!  Stink cloud *choking*  Can’t breathe!


Gooey tried to blow the stink cloud away from the cake, but he ended up inhaling the foul stench and almost died.


Fire Lady 1:  Maybe if I shove this noise maker up my nose, I will no longer smell him.  I swear when I’m the Lady of the House, that foul beast will live outside with the rest of the smelly animals.


Fire Lady 2:  Yes, sister, that is a wonderful idea.


Carlotta:  *pretends not to choke on stink cloud*:  Yay, Happy *choke*  Birthday, Gooey!


Fire Lady 1:  I’m so glad we aren’t conjoined now.  I can hide from the stink cloud from behind you!
Fire Lady 2:  Wooooo!  Happy Birthday!!  Wooooo *mutters*  It’s not so bad if you just hold your breathe.


Fire Ladies 1 and 2:  Wooooooo!
1:  Crap, sister, he is way too old for us!
2:  Ugh!  Wrinkly woohoo…eeewwww!


Gooey *still derping*
Carlotta:  Woooooo!
Stink Cloud:  Not even the threat of old age can make me leave!  Muhahahaha!


Gooey *still derping*


Gooey:  Oh.  Yay.  I’m bigger.

*rolls wish to steal candy from Gooky*


Eduardo:  Can I finally blow out my candles or what?  Go put pants on yourself, kid.

Screenshot-32 (2)

Fire Lady 1:  Okay, he didn’t turn out that bad!  I still say he’s a keeper.
Fire  Lady 2:  I agree.  Now to get rid of Stink Cloud.
Stink Cloud:  Never!  Me and Eduardo will rule the world!

Eduardo *rolls midlife Crisis*

Stink Cloud:  Well, ladies, how about a threesome before you leave?
Fire Ladies 1 and 2:  Ewwww!!

Stay tuned next time for more birthdays, another baby and hopefully a bath for Eduardo!


6 thoughts on “Chapter 2

  1. LMAO you know in the fire picture after she told him her wish it looks like he’s back handing her.

    Goopy is really cute in this version. But it makes me miss his ugly Sims 2 face.

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