Chapter 3

I know it has been a while.  I had stopped playing for a bit, but I should be back now.  Last time, Goopy aged up and was sent off to boarding school.  A second son, Gooey, was born.  Then a Gooky, the first girl was born.  The fireladies were all over Ed and his stink cloud, but a mid-birthday woohoo did produce a chime.

Special Note:  I played for quite a while yesterday, and Gooky here had a very low motive when she aged up to teen.  As soon as she did her spin, she died.  I made the decision to quit the game.  I reverted back to the very first save of the day, which lost me several hours of game play, but put me back to about an hour after the fireladies left the house.  I figure since this is my game and I didn’t want my (85% chance) heiress to die.

Special Note #2:  Gooey is now Giorgio.  Gooky is Gia.  I have decided to do an Italian name theme for Monte Vista.  The next town, Moonlight Falls, will have Supernatural character names from movies or literature.  I will have to go through and give themes to all my worlds now though.

Special Note #3:  You will soon find out that Goopy is my favorite.  I’m sure what I do is not “officially” acceptable, but I don’t care.  LOL!

Anyway, Gia did survive toddlerhood to her birthday.  She just learned to go into hiding whenever her big brother was around.  Contrary to popular belief, getting candy stolen from you 5+ times a day is not fun.


Carlotta:  Okay, Gia, hurry up and do your spin.  I really need a nap.


Gia aged up beautifully.  She does look a lot like her mom though.


Carlotta agreed.  It was like looking back in time whenever she looked into Gia’s face.


Gia’s first order of business was to break the sink followed by cleaning up all the dishes and putting away the leftovers.


A spin and morning sickness!


Giorgio and Gia gaining block skills with a little girl that came home with them.  I thought she was cute, so we will keep an eye on her for Giorgio.


Giorgio finding out that having a sister to play tag with is just as much fun as stealing candy from  toddlers.


I might have her join the gardening career.  She really enjoys it and it brings in about $2,500 every few days.


Here goes a repair session like none before.  The sink, two toilets and a shower all got fixed.  I even made Ed clean that first toilet.  It was really gross.


Yes, good thing you are already pregnant.  They always wish to woohoo each other.


Ed has to play his guitar across the street because I can’t get anyone to do anything while they are standing around like idiots watching him.


Giorgio:  Homework is for the weak and lame.  I am awesome and amazing.
Just do your homework and go home.  Where the heck are you anyway?
Giorgio:  I had to befriend some moron for school performance increase.  Beppe? Pebbe?  Oh who cares.


Are you okay?
Gia:  Yep.  Just pondering the homework I had to do alone.  It’s nice and quiet around here for once.


More pretty scenery.  I tend to take more pics because of the scenery than of the sims.

Special Note #4:  I am lacking in pics for this update.  I have been doing an undocumented 100 baby challenge and after a week, I keep forgetting to take pics.  LOL


Chewy wanted to come out and play, so I let him/her.


We found out that he/she likes black.


And that the forces of good and evil might not make good friends.


The house actually sucks ass for expansion.  So, I took out the crates from the shed and built a kids room.  The 2nd bedroom in the house will be used later on, but for now it will be a nursery.


Chewy and Giorgio seem to get along despite their trait incompatibility.  They are always playing tag together and Giorgio even has the op to find a rainbow gem.


Almost time  to add to the family.


Now if only the Paparazzi would stop hanging around.  All they do is pee everywhere and complain because the doors are  blocking their way to the fridge.  Idiots.


Harold and Maude felt it was time to add to their little family.  Lucy was born sometime  during the night.


Time to head off to the hospital.  Maybe all the paparazzi will follow and lose their way back.


Well, poo.  Outside the hospital, the girl from the night of blocks had aged up to teen.  She seems attractive, so we are now on a watch to see if she and Goopy will be compatible.


Giorgio:  Where’s mom?
Gia:  Having the baby.
Giorgio:  Cool!


I thought you were having a baby?
Carlotta:  All done.  Ed’s putting her away now.
Putting her away?  What did you bring home?  A pair of shoes?


It was actually another little girl.  Pietra.


Carlotta:  Will you hurry up!  I want woohoo!
Ed:  Coming dear!


There she is!


Goopy’s  home!  We missed you!
Goopy:  Yes, we can now bow down to my awesomeness.  Art school sucked ass.  How come every time I begged to come home, you said no?
Well, because I didn’t have the bright idea about the room in the shed yet.  You would have had to nap on the couch for a week.
Goopy:  You suck.


Goopy wanted to learn this girls sign.  He then wants to be her sister’s friend.  This is cool.  The sister is the girl from the blocks.  This is Cipriana.


This is an improved Cipriana.  She got a makeover the second she started flirting with Goopy.  Goopy’s hormones spiked off the charts.


Creeper Lady:  Someone has teen woohoo turned on.   I like watching.


It’s hotter than the men in football uniforms prancing around smacking each other’s asses.


Goopy:  That was fun. I can have more woohoo?
You are a horndog.


Cipriani:  I hope you enjoyed that pervy old lady.


Kaela Bianchi:  Oh, more than you could ever imagine.  I will be blabbing about this all over town.


Goopy:  Will you be my girlfriend?


And now my wife?


Cipri:  I love you, but now I’m disgraced for public woohoo.  Do you still respect me?
Goopy:  Of course, baby.  I knew one of us would get it.


It’s birthday time for little Pietra.


She takes after Mom it looks like.


What do you two think you’re doing?
Ed and Carlotta:  Woohoo!

I did adjust the teen settings, not the adult.  Teens have a either a 2 or 4% chance of risky woohoo.  The TFB chance was dropped from 75% to 40%.   So far, Ed and Carlotta have only chosen regular woohoo (of the ones I have caught as they woohoo 3-5 times a day).


Oh you little brat!  No wonder you were so happy that mom and dad were having a new baby.
Giorgio:  Gimme you smelly brat.
Pietra:  *is too shocked to react*


Giorgio:  All the candy is mine.  MINE I TELL YOU!


As a consolation, Cipri and Goopy got Pietra a swing.  She promptly fell asleep and dreamt of the day when she could finally fend off that jerk and keep her diaper lint candy for herself.

Ed and Carlotta are away on a free vacation.


Giving his parents a run for their money, Goopy and Cipri woohoo just as much as them.  I am always hearing woohoo music.  No chimes though.


Pietra aged up while the parents were just coming home.  They didn’t even stop but ran upstairs too woohoo their happy little moodlets off.


Giorgio:  We need more babies around here!  I have no one to steal candy from.

Giorgio is largely ignored by his siblings.


But it was soon his birthday and he had more important things to contemplate.


Like that fact that our Evil Klepto just rolled hates children, thereby taking himself out of heir running.


*chime*   I zoomed around to find out who the chime belonged too.  I found these two looking super guilty.  Goopy also rolled a wish to Marry Cipri.


It’s Gia’s  birthday next!


Hello,  Carlotta.
Carlotta:  Oh hi…um  I’m sorry, Gia.  I have a woohoo date.


And she is gorgeous.  She rolled family-oriented like a good girl.

*chimes in the distance*


We did find out that Giorgio is straight.


And the chimes were definitely from the kids.


Delayed a bit, but here is Pietra.  She is going to be pretty just like her mom and big sister.

That’s all I have.  Sorry it was so sparse.  I just forgot to take pics.  Everyone was doing something useful.  Classes were taken, jobs were gotten.

Trait updates:
Goopy – Good, Neat, Friendly, Virtuoso.
Giorgio – Dislikes Children, Evil, Athletic, Klepto.
Gia – Virtuoso, Family-oriented, Perceptive and Eccentric
Pietra – Genius, Perfectionist, Loves the Heat.

Cipri – Loves the Outdoors, Excitable, Ambitious, Computer Whiz – 2 days from YA.  She is a lot older than Goopy.  If Goopy stays on the honor roll until his child is born, the two teens will age up together.  He is 5 days younger than her.


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