Bad News

This was also posted on my main blog, but for the people who don’t follow it, here is what is going on.

As you might (or might not) know, I am a laid off medical transcriptionist.  I got a call on Thursday afternoon from my old boss asking if I wanted to help out on a big project.  I, know that that Dragon Valley and IP were coming out in the next two months, said yes.

My job is to update an address book of 950 doctors.  43 pages of doctors.  Not the best thing in the world to do, but I am never going to turn down an easy $10 an hour to sit on the phone to update fax numbers.   Anyway.   My brain was fried after today’s batch of doctors (I knocked out 50 of the little bastards today), and I was doing some download maintenance because my sims3pack hairs have refused to show up since either Seasons or University.

I downloaded them again, but in package format this time and uninstalled my whole download folder and dcbackup.  I was even smart enough to put my save folder on my desktop.

I then put all my downloads back in and reinstalled them, but they did not install because the game insisted that they were still installed.  I loaded up my game and saw that everything looked weird.  So, I quit without saving and uninstalled everything all over again.

This time I forgot to take my save folder out.

Saves Lost:
Acai Berry PGC
Name of the Game.
Random Town Jump
Silverflower Dreams Random.
25 Days Speed Legacy
My family that earns all my achievements including my first plantsim toddler.

Surviving saves in another folder:
Freya WYD
Lavender Wishes
Supernatural Sundae’s.
I will post this on the relevant blogs also.



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