Kyra Winter: Chapter 1

I have to admit that I am not sure how well I will do on this.  It seems a bit easier for Sims 3.


Kyra Winter is doing my Sims 2 version of the OWBC.  She is having a University start.


Her predestined hobby was quickly found to be Cuisine.  The goal is to have that and her LTW done before graduation.  Oh, and her LTW is super easy.  Max 7 skills.


Kyra might like Cuisine, but it sure does not like her.  She quickly learns the sprinklers are her friend.


She also finds college life to be hard to deal with also.


But she does love to study.


She upgrades the cheap Uni computer after some digging.  Now she spends her time between schoolwork and skilling by blogging about Cuisine and writing her novel.


Shock befell Kyra when the Hobby Chef came by and gave her directions to the secret location of the hobby whateveritscalled.

Also, Sherry the Hobby Chef and Kyra are a 3 bolt attraction and it took maybe three interactions before ACR decided that they needed a first kiss.


Her pork chops were no match to the other entrants and she won her first cooking competition.


Sherry said her getting into a legacy house was a slam dunk.


And Kyra agreed.


She maxed her skills midway through uni.


This freed up a lot of time to finally meet her dormies.


Clean the bathroom and influencing the men to do the same.


She took on the Robot station.


And only managed one date with Sherry.


It was a smustling good time.


She hit up the university library one last time.


And finally got abducted by the Secret Society.  She did raid them of some stuff, but in the end, she decided to keep it in her inventory instead of using it.

i.e., it was not mentioned, but it felt like cheating.


Her last act at university was getting fit after a shower.


Then it was time to head back home…with the hopes of an outfit change.


Back in the main (empty) town of Uberlicious (by Sleepycat), she had enough money to start her house.  She did have to raid her bank account too.


Sherry was immediately invited over for a date which ended in marriage.  Kyra was pretty horrified when she moved in with $1.


Kyra had enough money to buy a starter shop aptly named Winter’s Robotics.  Sherry did the sales and Kyra did the register.


And the restocking.


Sherry has maxed Culinary and insists that they have lobster for every meal.  Kyra tries to stop her, but she is no match for Sherry’s attachment to the stove.


Sherry did finally get rid of her culinary outfit.


Kyra is aware of my no alien sexism mod, and so she endlessly summons aliens.

To no avail.


Sherry got a job in culinary.  She is a family sim who wants to have a Golden Anniversary.  Kyra is climbing the ranks of Entertainment.


Kyra’s book, “An OWBC A Founder’s Journey” sold well and brought in some much needed cash.


Kyra is still forced to eat lobster, but at least Sherry is finally getting started on her predestined hobby of Athletics.  Luckily she was at level 5 by this point.


Business is booming (when they show up) and they got a good review and a Best of the Best award.


While Sherry gets a bronze sales and bronze restocking badge, Kyra just fails at it all.


Kyra tops Entertainment and redeems her career reward.  Sadly, it has a mood boost, so it is kept in her inventory.  She joins Education for her second career.


She has had her gold badge in Robotics forever, but she finally maximizes her enthusiasm during the making of her simbot servo.


Sherry might be good at discovering stars, but she fails in her career.  This is her third time getting to level 2.


Kyra was finally abducted.


Geez, this took way longer than it should have.  Stella the Servo was finally made.


Stella glitched up the house (it might have been the fact that ACR was trying to assign her attraction scores?) and Sherry and Kyra ended up deleted.  I used the teleporter cat to move them back in and then had Stella move out.  They were only gone a few hours, but it was long enough that Kyra had her second first pop since she got deleted after the first first pop.


The fixer upper car was bought and the girls worked on it together.


Betsy was soon born, she is the chosen Bad Apple.


Kyra adds three more flamingos to the army then goes to hunt down the gnome.


Not much happens now.  Betsy ages up and Sherry is her main caretaker while Kyra makes the replacement servo, Simon.


It is so hard not being able to check on her.  This was the moment Kyra was waiting for.


I swear it took two days because I had to catch the potty thought bubble when someone was around for her.  The other skills were pretty easy.  She just had to wake up from her nap, eat and have a bath and she was ready to skill.  She spent most of her toddlerhood platinum.  She is also the happiest little thing I have ever seen.


The store got up to level 5 and (finally!).  Kyra even managed her bronze sales and restocking badges.  Kyra decided to sell the shop.  There was just too many customers and not enough room.



After the shop was closed I found Kyra crying.  Timothy Riley was poking and shoving at her.

So I had her kick his ass.


Kyra looks so pleased with herself.  She also has her very first enemy.


So far, the worst thing that has happened is that Betsy’s skin went default on me.  Every toy in the catalog is laid out for her.  She spends half her time on the block table and the other half with the dollhouse.


Sherry continues to fail at work.  Kyra tops Education (yay bookcase!) and starts her third and last career in Natural Scientist.


Sherry excels at (step) motherhood though.  I never have to worry about Betsy in all honesty.


Even visitors cannot stay away from her.


Just after getting the pop up about Betsy’s impending birthday, Kyra was finally abducted again.


First broken appliance!  Then the toilet went too.  In 6 hours they can start fixing them.


No! Don’t drink icky bottle!  In which Betsy looks at me, gives me grumpy face and pukes.

She then proceeds to block the fridge for three hours singing nursery rhymes.


I found out I had a mod that got rid of the zone glow.  I removed it and came back in game just in time for the sink and toilet to get fixed.  Not even an hour later, the shower died.


It was Sherry’s turn to rescue the gnome.


Sherry got back to level 2 in culinary.  She was forced awake the next day in time to fix the shower.


Simon was finally completed.  I forgot and had Sherry initialize him, so he does not have the skills and badges that Kyra does.  Ugh!


Sherry needs her gold robotics badge and she still needs to maximize her hobby.  Simon is addicted to the ballet bar.


Kyra bought a bigger shop.  I only had her go long enough for us to check out the inside and see how Simon does on the register.


Not only am I showing off the founding portraits, but Kyra is in labor!

Sims2EP9_2014_08_05_10_44_45_122 Sims2EP9_2014_08_05_10_45_11_847

It’s twin girls!  One is Octavia and the other is Olympia.


In which our Bad Apple becomes a child.  I can honestly say that not checking on her is the hardest thing ever.   It’s really fun to watch her though.  If someone wakes up, she makes their bed.  I assume she has high neat points.  Her and Simon tell jokes all day long.  I guess she is outgoing?


He is always dancing or reading with her.  His major want right now is to be her best friend.


Not only did Kyra top her last career, but Betsy got out of bed to give her a hug.


Now she won’t go back to bed!


The last mandatory pregnancy did not take nearly as long to happen as the others.  There might just be enough time for her and Sherry to have one together too.


Then this happened.  I should have fenced him in for some unsuspecting idiot, but I forgot.


Kyra arrives home from work and drinks her wife.


Betsy’s first day of school finishes.  Her panel was green.  She cleaned up a few bottles and then I had Simon help her with her homework.  Her fun must have been high enough, because she did it without complaint.


I want her top paranormal so she can resurrect Sherry, but I don’t know if she is allowed another career, even if I don’t count it.  First pop is the reason for this photo.



Olympia (top) and Octavia aged up.  Kyra missed yet another birthday because of work.


The last capture of the night was when the dance hobby lady woke up Betsy.  Betsy is always dancing with her mom or Simon.  She is so happy.  She will clean up after everyone, take a shower, watch tv and then go to bed.  I do forget to leave food out for her, so she is mainly living on chips at this point.

I can’t believe I got 5 play session in one update.  I am so eager to see Betsy’s stats and I know I can’t.  As of now, she stays either pale green or green.  She has never dipped into yellow.  It’s almost too easy (knock on wood…hard).  The twins on the other hand aged up and went straight to their blankets where they immediately got dirty diapers and their social tanked.

Gold Robotics Badge – Kyra
Running a Business – In progress
Create a Servo – Kyra

Only the Fixer Upper Car – check
Level 10 Hobby – Kyra (Cuisine)
Obtain a Genie – Maybe someday.

Apartment Life:
Mysterious Bookcase – Not yet
Have a Spare with a legacy – Not yet.
Obtain a witch – Not yet.

Mini Challenges:
Naming theme – B-O
Ghost Hunt – 1/9. (Sherry)
One Bad Apple (Betsy)
Golden Trio
Raised by Wolves – No strays at all.  Might have to cancel.
Family Scrapbook (Kyra and Sherry)
Boolprop Clubhouse
Moar Aliens:  (Kyra x3). I read this wrong.  I thought all the pregnancies had to be alien.  Oops.

Super Mini Challenge

Earn All Career Rewards – Entertainment (Kyra), Education (Kyra), Natural Scientist (Kyra).


3 thoughts on “Kyra Winter: Chapter 1

    1. Thanks! I had a lot of fun with this one. Not sure if I like Kyra or Ocean better though.

      I love the O’s too! I think I got really lucky with Betsy. I always read horror stories about the bad apples.

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