Kyra Winter: Chapter 3

Welcome back to Uberlicious.  While the heir poll is now over, this was played while it was still ongoing.


Betsy got her two day pop up and was sent off to University.  How she will do there will be anyone’s guess.  It will be nice to control her even if it is only 8 times a day.


My house building skill may suck, but my copying a level up top was pretty easy.


Urgh.  Poor Kyra.  I force her to sit on her thrown all day long and just read.  She spends all night befriending strays.


As teens, Octavia and Olympia continue to play well together.  Incessantly.


Kyra:  I love you, Ophelia.  I am so sorry this has to happen.


Octavia starts breakfast and “wanders” off.  Ophelia runs in to panic for good reason.


I was never an Ophelia fan, but I hated watching her die.  Johnny and Olympia sob over the fact that they could not reach her in time to save her.


Kyra gets the kids into private school.

Sims2EP9_2014_08_07_13_40_39_193 Sims2EP9_2014_08_07_13_47_55_620

The three remaining kids get makeovers (although I seemed to have missed Octavia’s photo).


Kyra has so much free time that they manage a family dinner all the time now.


Yay for being noon!


Olympia and Octavia help out at the store.  It will be the next update before I recall which badges they earned.


Kyra mainly just manages the register.  If I don’t keep an eagle eye out, the whole family will end up watching tv and ignoring the customers.


Olympia:  I am so sorry, but my mother had to run to her throne and I have no clue what I am doing.


Stray watch had a helping hand.  I am not ashamed.  I actually had to go to another household and use the mailbox to generate a wolf.  I think that fixed whatever was wrong, because I have seen at least three now.  Kyra is befriending Eden, the white one and after a few days was able to adopt her.


I heard the most godawful screeching and found Johnny upstairs on the new fun level of the house.  I contemplated turning off my sound.


Kyra happily teaches Eden some commands for her new job in service.


Largo showed up and now shows up all the time.  Kyra is always on her throne so that she can run straight to him when he shows up.


I almost forgot to buy the Boolprop Clubhouse.


Moonie!Sim is part of the simself invasion (for now all of the simselves you see are from Naughty Sims Asylum, my main hangout.


Simon gets close to his LTW.  His execuputter was placed though.


Olympia heads off to university first.


She was followed just seconds later by her twin Octavia.


Just minutes after that, Johnny ages up to teen and immediately farts like a man.


Simon tops the business career and becomes permaplat.  He immediately quits and joins Paranormal.


While Simon teaches Eden to shake, Kyra teaches the new addition to come here (or was it stay?).  Largo got a job in showbiz.


I eventually got this pop up and I freaked out.  WHY!?!  I only wanted one!


Here are the four little monsters that will drive me mad.  The black ones are Diesel (m), Hugo (m), and Jinx (f).  The little white one is Turk.


With Simon’s new job comes great rewards.  Kyra used it to resurrect Sherry.

After reading the rules, I found out that at least one death must be bloodline related.  I had Ophelia take Sherry’s place because at the time I was playing this she had 0 votes after almost 12 hours.

So, now I am annoyed.  Sherry broke my screenshot program.  I missed photos of Dina Caliente adopting Hugo and Cleo Shikabu adopting both Jinx and Turk.  The Boolprop Clubhouse reached rank 6.


Johnny is pretty useless, but I did get him to actually try and teach Largo to roll over.  Kyra taught Eden in the kitchen at the same time.


Kyra had said hello to a passing Agnes Crumplebottom.  She then had to finish teaching Largo to roll over because Johnny up and disappeared.  He reappeared while Kyra was bathing both dogs and watched this.


ACR then went on a rampage and Johnny got his first kiss.


While I was having Kyra praise the dogs (Largo peeing outside, Eden not chewing furniture), I got dragged over to see this.  Johnny moves pretty fast, but is living up to the Romance expectations.


Not much else happens over the next couple of days.  Diesel became a lovely white tinged black wolf.  Since Kyra already had the option, she will adopt Nubia the next time she comes around and she and Diesel will hopefully like each other enough to have pups.


Johnny knuckled down slightly.  Kyra finishes off couples counseling to complete all the books.  Sherry divides her time skilling for work and the stationary bike to hopefully max her athletic hobby (currently at level 6).


Since becoming a pleasant family member, Johnny maximizes his music hobby.  He has also maxed his charisma, body and creativity skills.


Nubia did finally show up, but ran off the second Kyra greeted her.


Kyra:  Wait a minute, Johnny.  I have something for you.
Johnny:  Can’t it wait until later?  I am going to be late for school.
Kyra:  No, it will only take a second.


A roll of the dice determined that Johnny would inherit being a witch since both of his parents were.


I am not sure what is going on, but everyone, even visitors, stop right here and freak out.  Then they get that bubble over their heads.  I have searched the house and it is nowhere to be found.  I put out the stay things shrub and moved the family out and back in.


This did trigger a new welcome comittee consisting of Wolfie, Lynn and Kat (simselves).  It seemed to fix the lot thankfully.  Simon got to level 9 in Law Enforcement and decided it was time to move out.

MOre importantly, I had forgotten to put the hobby plaques in an inventory, so they are missing along with the portraits that were done.  I will have Octavia do the others at University and then get Kyra and Sherry again later.


Kyra and Sherry watched as Johnny took off to join his sisters at university.

Gold Robotics Badge – Kyra.  Sherry in progress.
Running a Business – In progress – Level 8
Create a Servo – Kyra

Only the Fixer Upper Car – check
Level 10 Hobby – Kyra (Cuisine), Sherry in progress.
Obtain a Genie – Maybe someday.

Apartment Life:
Mysterious Bookcase – Check
Have a Spare with a legacy – Not yet.
Obtain a witch – Kyu Aspule

Mini Challenges:
Naming theme – B-O-O (Betsy, Octavia, Olympia, Ophelia).
Ghost Hunt – 3/9. (Kyu, Victor, Ophelia)
One Bad Apple (Betsy)
Golden Trio – Not yet.
Raised by Wolves – Eden + Largo, Diesel + (nubia?), ? + ?
Family Scrapbook – Lost and must start over.
Moar Aliens:  (Kyra x3). I read this wrong.  I thought all the pregnancies had to be alien.  Oops.

Super Mini Challenge

Earn All Career Rewards:

Entertainment – (Kyra)
Education – (Kyra)
Natural Scientist – (Kyra)
Medical – (Victor Aspir)
Culinary – (Simon the Servo).
Business – (Simon)
Law Enforcement – (Sherry, in progress)
Paranormal – (Simon)
Show Business

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