Betsy’s Legacy: Chapter 1

Sorry I have not been around, I accidentally deleted my downloads folder and spent 5 (yes, I said five) days on a download spree.  I had just gotten that done when I got an email that another transcriptionist had shoulder surgery so I have taken over her orthopedic doctor and the dictations are backed up to 8/8/2014.  Today, I think I will have caught them up to 8/12/2014.  It’s a slow process and I am trying to get 20 dictations a day done plus my own work that has to be kept current.  It took me four days to catch up her work and then my own, but as of now, I have 0 work and now it’s time to get Betsy going.


Betsy was pretty horrified to find out that her mother was not going to help her out with a new home even though she had managed to graduate highest in her class.  Kira insisted that she do this on her own for at least the first week.  Betsy was really upset.  She had already survived her childhood and now she had to try and survive on her own?  Wonderful.


Betsy quickly realized that she could only afford un unfurnished apartment.  She managed to find a job in medicine, at least.


Circe Beaker became her first friend outside of her own family.  Circe made it a point to come home with Betsy every day practically.

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They showed up one night.  She tried to avoid them, but they were everywhere.


They called themselves The Crew, not that Betsy wanted anything to do with them.


She kept to herself for the most part.  Then she realized that without friends, she would never get past level two at work.


Circe was happy to be her friend.


She finally knew she had to befriend “The Crew”, but she was not happy about that.  She quickly found out that they were not happy about it either.


Betsy finally decided that enough was enough.  She would much rather earn skill points than make friends any day.


Lyle was a now a friend, but Betsy still was more interested in her books.  Betsy quickly found out that “The Crew” ran the apartments and Lyle, well Lyle became their play toy.


The Crew finally wore Betsy down.  She started finding herself chatting with them and they all tended to come to her house just as she was making dinner.  Betsy started getting promotions.   She soon was able to afford little things like clothes and makeup.


Maybe this was why none of The Crew were interested in her?

Kincaid:  Or it could be that we were dancing separately and glitched into each other.  Bobby, stand up and back away.


Every night the crew came out and Betsy would go down and meet a new member.  She still had no interest in any of them, but friends were good.


And then one day, ACR took over.  Betsy got her first kiss from Kincaid Broke.

~Hey, who turned on this event crap?  Ugh  Stupid UC update I bet~


Betsy had never felt like this before and suddenly found herself with her first crush.

Kinicaid, on the other hand, won the bet.  He ran off to tell the guys that he nailed her first.


It only took about two seconds to diagnose herself.


It took a few hours to get over the shock and anger.  Just as she was coming to terms with being an unwed mother, disaster struck.  The stress of being poor, alone and pregnant caused her to have a miscarriage.  Then she killed the toilet, sink, and tub.

It really just was not a good life for poor Betsy.


The loss of the baby hit her pretty hard.  She drowned herself in cakes and pies.


She finally knew she just had to talk to her mom and they cried over the loss together.


The talk was just what she needed.  She was able to tackle more skilling.


And more of The Crew.


At the end of the day, when she was finally alone and when it was the most quiet, she still mourned  the loss of her baby.


Just when she thought she would never recover, her family swooped in.



And then the unexpected happened!  Betsy was horrified to see her step-mother and sister going at it!  She watched her mother pretend not to notice, but she looked devastated.


Betsy and Circe tried to ignore the going ons and trade their favorite recipes.  Betsy looked up just in time to see that it was Olympia with Sherry and they were going into the photo booth!


Betsy pretty much ignored her family that night and just played with Circe.


After sending everyone home, Betsy felt like crap.  She was starving even though she had just eaten and she was exhausted.  She jumped into her energizer and decided to just skill for the rest of the night.


No!  Not again!  Betsy could not believe she had gotten pregnant again.


Deuce was pretty high up in The Crew, but somehow, Betsy had never spoken to him before.  They chatted one day for a little while.  He commented on how she glowed, and she hastily assured him that it must be the newest makeup she had added to her collection.


Like moths to a flame, The Crew seemed to gravitate towards Betsy more and more.  She could not go anywhere without them crowding her.

Not that she actually minded, of course.


Kincaid cornered her just minutes later and in full view of the other men, told her she better not lose this child, like she had lost his or else.  Betsy was not sure how he knew, but he had scared her with his unvoiced threats.


They Crew started hanging out at her place more and more.  Sometimes they even let the other renters come in too.  Betsy tried to ignore them all.  She much preferred her own company and would go off to skill while everyone else had fun.


Betsy’s hormones were off the charts.  She never cared who was around when her urges struck.  She was almost to the point of not caring who it was she attacking.


Betsy pulled herself away from Mark and hurried back to her piano. Mark loved to dance while she played.  The others watched her, but chose to keep their distance.


Betsy performed all night and eventually maxed her last skill.


With nothing left to do, Betsy spent her time cooking…and eating.


Steve cornered Betsy in the gym to find out how the pregnancy was going.  Betsy was wary around him, as the leader of The Crew, she had avoided him really easy up until this point.


One of the neighbors tried to stop Steve, but he just went around her and told her to watch out she would find herself flat on her back real quick.  Betsy did not protest when Steve dragged her into the photo booth.


Betsy was still the best cook in the complex.  She was also quite happy to share her blueberry cheesecake recipe.


Betsy could not let it happen again!  The Crew swarmed her, each one urging her to take a bath, or put her feet up.  Did she need more food?  How about a massage?

Betsy just wanted them to all just shut up and go away.


Just a little while later, the crisis had passed.


Betsy answer to all of her issues was to eat more.


Then it was time.  Betsy and the baby had survived the pregnancy.


Jordan was the spitting image of his father, Mark.


But Jacob was a nice mixture of the two.


Betsy was exhausted after the delivery, but she knew she had to get to work.  She quickly hired a nanny when she could not get one of the guys on the phone.

She was just across the courtyard when she saw a couple of people unlocking the doors to The Crew’s apartments.  She cornered Mrs. Ward, who said that she showed up this morning and all of their apartments were empty.

Betsy did not know what do except go to work and deal with the rest later.

Much later.

*Note*  The Crew belong to Sleepycat.  You can find their start here and later on in their lives here.  You can also find them here and here.  In fact, after almost 10 years, you can pretty much find them anywhere. Oh and we cannot forget the Fertile Five    They even have Sims 3 versions too.  Steve Broke is the Grandson of Brandi (the son of the child she is pregnant with in a new hood).

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