Octavia Winter: Chapter 2

Welcome back!  You’re just in time for the rest of the Winter kids to come home from Uni!   Then I realized that the screenshot program was not open.  Never fear, since I do that ALL the time, I have it set up for the C key.  We will just use the first few in game camera ones.

Recap – Last time everyone was at university and then Betsy ran off to do the Apartment Life requirement of living in an apartment and leading a legacy-type deal until the end of the challenge.

In the house currently:  Kyra Winter, founder.  Sherry Winter, her dead (but resurrected) un-spouse, Octavia Winter (heiress, hair pulled back), Olympia Winter (hair down), Johnny Winter (witch).  They also have three wolves, Eden (White), Largo (Black) and their pup Diesel (really neat sheen of a white/black).


If you recall, Samantha Broke and Johnny got all hot and heavy while he was supposed to be studying.  It was pretty interesting that she walked by the minute I unpaused the game.  Three bolts, so I had them get married (they were already engaged).  I forgot that he was a romance sim!  He got a bad moodlet, but Samantha got a good one for marrying a rich sim.


Poor Samantha.  She is in desperate need of a makeover.  If I am reading the family tree correctly, Samantha is Steve Broke’s granddaughter through his son, Matt.  She was binned separately, and has no relation to them now.  I might need to fix that, since I had actually forgotten she was in this hood until Johnny started in on her.

Samantha (Broke) Winter:
Rock God – Made it to level 6 by the end of the update.
Gemini – 2/10/9/3/1
Likes – Facial Hair, Charismatic.  Dislikes – Unfit.

The house is now full.…  I forgot that I took out my unlimited sims mod.   Oops.


After the Sherry and Olympia disaster, I checked.  I guess same sex couples lose their marriage after a resurrection.  They were still in love, not that Kyra showed it.  Sherry is proving to be a big problem in this house.  I just hope Samantha can stay faithful.


Only Johnny is anywhere close to maxing his skills, he does have the want to max three – Cleaning, charisma, and mechanical.  I kind of laughed a lot when he had a LTW of Crime.  An infallibly good criminal.  I love him.  I am going for the LTW careers first.  So, Marshall is off to do Adventure, Olympia is off to do Slacker and Octavia is sent for Dance.  Samantha came with slacker, but her LTW was Rock God and took a music job.


Kyra:  You are so hot!
Mark:  Yes, yes I am.  I am also the father of your only grandchildren.
Kyra:  Don’t care.

/end crappy pics.


(okay, they’re still crappy..haha).

Johnny was the portrait painter during Uni and he got all of them done.


He even got Marshall’s too.


Olympia topped Slacker and then chose Gamer (I think).


Promotions are super easy, even for Marshall who did not get as many skill points as the rest.


I was going to do a nice wedding, but the house just does not have enough room.  They made it official in the living room.


Octavia stargazed in her free time so that she can get abducted at some point.


Kyra:  I’ll take that one and that one and that one, but not that one.  I don’t like hats.


Marshall:  Honey, you need the flashlight.  It makes all the difference in the world.
Octavia:  I don’t have one, honey.


Marshall:  Dammit!  I was only showing her how to do it!



I might get a little excited when the clock says 12.

Octavia:  So do we.  Not.


Olympia:  Can I leave now?  I want my own life!
Almost.   Just pick a new job and lets go.
Olympia:  Fine.  Military it is.


Johnny finally got his makeover.  I really don’t like the witch outfits.


I approve of this playtime.  I need space to adopt her.  I know Kyra had the option already, so we just need Olympia to hurry up and get out.


I then realize that Kyra is not going to be around much longer, so Marshall is working on befriending Nubia.


What the hell are you doing here?
Mrs. Crumplebottom: FORNICATORS!  I will get you!
Everyone here is married!
Mrs. C:  LIES!  I smell FORNICATORS!

I have never actually seen her before, so this pretty much made my day.


Johnny spent the week getting demotions and finally got fired.

Johnny:  It’s the infallibly good part of me that cannot be bad.
Pretend dammit!


Marshall makes me happy by completing his requirement.  Stupid Sherry does not even have her silver badge yet.  (She is a bonehead).



Olympia pretty much rampages through her careers. I actually think she has started killing off the co-workers who get in her way.


Kyra is addicted to the gamer reward.

Sims2EP9_2014_08_22_11_47_47_116 Sims2EP9_2014_08_22_11_47_57_536

I was actually hoping for a promotion.  Oh well.


Samantha has three bolts with Marshall and she won’t stop letting him know all about it.  I am scared that one day he will not be able to resist her advances.


Octavia usually knows within minutes when Samantha makes her move.  Octavia will hunt him down and remind him of who he belongs to.


Olympia:  I can leave now?
Yes, yes you may.


You are supposed to be studying for work.
Marshall:  I finished.
You better have.


What are you doing, mister?
Marshall:  I have these needs that Octavia cannot fulfill.
Like what?
Marshall:  Being abducted and having a baby.
After further inspection of the rules, I approve this endeavor.


Octavia finally does something worth mentioning.
Octavia:  What is that noise?


Marshall:  Is it to late to change my mind?
Apparently Marshall can scream like a 2 year old girl.


Johnny finally got some good chance cards going on.   I sure hope there is no rule about not getting a job back after being fired.


Marshall followed up with his own promotion chance card.


She gets her reward object, so I think I will have her quit and move on.  She is such a slacker.

Sims2EP9_2014_08_22_12_36_13_552 Sims2EP9_2014_08_22_12_36_36_094

Samantha got her reward object just seconds after Sherry got home.  When she gets home she can pick a new career.

Sims2EP9_2014_08_22_12_42_28_436 Sims2EP9_2014_08_22_12_42_37_720

It’s not a promotion, but the money sure will come in handy.  Kyra is STILL paying for the loan she took out to buy the Clubhouse.


$15,000 and a promotion in one day?  We’ll take it!

This ended their week.  It is sometime Sunday night and it is time to move.


Not much on the inside yet, but I will get it done eventually.  I am just happy that the dogs now have a huge yard to play in.



Living room, kitchen and 4 bathrooms are done.  I hate building, so I will be keeping an eye out for issues next rotation.


I am also not much of a landscaper, but I really like how this turned out.


They really should not ever need to move again.


I piled most of the reward objects out back.  I also put the two unused genie lamps (because I forgot about them) and the graves out there too.


Here is the wolf area.  They can no longer go in the house, but they have a million acres to play on at least.


The flamingo army bids you farewell.

Gold Robotics Badge:
Founders: Kyra and Sherry (in progress).
Gen 1:   Octavia and Marshall.  Completed.
Gen 2:
Running a Business – In progress – Level 8
Create a Servo – (Kyra)  Completed.

Only the Fixer Upper Car – (Kyra and Sherry) Completed.
Level 10 Hobby:
Founders:  Kyra (Cuisine) and Sherry (Sports) in progress.
Gen 1:  Octavia (tinkering), Marshall (tinkering). Completed.
Gen 2:
Obtain a Genie – (Octavia) – Completed.

Apartment Life:
Mysterious BookcaseCompleted.
Have a Spare with a legacy – (Betsy) – In progress.
Obtain a witch – Kyu Aspule – Completed.

Mini Challenges:
Naming theme – B-O-O (Betsy, Octavia, Olympia, Ophelia).
Ghost Hunt – 3/9. (Kyu, Victor, Ophelia)
One Bad Apple:
Gen 1:  Betsy
Gen 2:
Golden Trio – Not yet.
Raised by Wolves – Eden + Largo, Diesel + (nubia?), ? + ?
Family Scrapbook – (Redo Kyra and Sherry).  Betsy, Octavia, Olympia (Missing, redo), Johnny, Marshall
Moar Aliens:  I read this wrong.  I thought all the pregnancies had to be alien.  I also thought it had to be the heiress. Oops x 2.
Founder:  Kyra x 3 – Betsy, Octavia and Olympia.
Gen 1:  Marshall x 1 –

Super Mini Challenge

Earn All Career Rewards:

Entertainment – (Kyra)
Education – (Kyra)
Natural Scientist – (Kyra)
Medical – (Victor Aspir)
Culinary – (Simon the Servo).
Business – (Simon the Servo)
Criminal – (Johnny Winter)
Law Enforcement – (Sherry Winter)
Military – (Olympia Winter)
Slacker – (Olympia Winter)
Paranormal – (Simon the Servo)
Adventurer – (Marshall (Harmon) Winter)
Gamer – (Olympia Winter)
Music – (Samantha (Broke) Winter)
Dance – (Octavia Winter)
Show Business

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