Betsy’s Legacy: Chapter 2

Last time, Betsy ran off to start her portion of our OWBC requirement of having a side legacy in an apartment.  I hate apartments.  Seriously.   Anyway, Betsy became good friends with Circe Beaker who followed her home from work every single night.  Sleepy’s men invaded the town and apartment complex.  She ended up knocked up, then miscarried and then knocked up again.  She decided cheesecake was a good idea and then ended up with twin boys, Jordan (dark skin) and Jacob (alien skin).  She did top her career and became permaplat too.

Of note, I changed out default alien skins (yeah, I get bored with skins easily and I keep hoping to find the perfect one) so Betsy sort of broke.


As you can see, Betsy is a bit two-toned right now.  In the course of trying to fix her, the father of the twins, Mark Mercer moved in and then married Betsy.  He is level 7 in Law Enforcement.


The twins enjoy having both parents to dote on them.  As you can see, Jacob’s skin (and every other alien in town) transferred over just perfectly.


Betsy has been aged to elder, aged to teen, deleted, move out and DNA checked in SimPe.  They have even moved a few times to new apartments.




During that time, both boys were skilled up, aged up and Betsy got knocked up.  Mark wanted another and I wanted to have them try for a girl, so I agreed.

Plus, Betsy’s 2nd lifetime want is to be a Mad Scientist and she is level 9 currently.


Betsy will now forever be dressed like it’s winter or until she gets fixed.  I even put her old skin back on for a try and it did not change either.  So, I give up and she will hardly ever be shown because she bugs me so much.  Everyone else is at work/school so here have one rare (from now on) pic of Betsy playing video games.


I much prefer to look at Mark anyway.  He is home from work and needs to gain skills in body and cleaning for his next promotion.


Avoiding Betsy is harder than I thought.  She teaches first Jacob and then Jordan to learn to study.


Guess who has 0 neat points.  Watching him cook actually makes me wince and don’t even get me started on the bathroom after he has showered.  It’s a wonder he and Betsy have 3 bolts since she has like 10 neat points.


Speaking of Two-Tone Betsy, she tops her second career.  Her next one is to top Culinary.  She also popped after this.


Mark is inching closer to his permaplat state.  Jordan here is the official daddy greeter.


They welcome another set of twins.  Amy on the right and Dylan on the left.




Betsy gets home around 2am (I believe), she tucks in each boy and then feeds the twins before she starts to clean the house and make breakfast before she heads to bed for the day.


They are not doing too bad as of now, so it was shoved into an inventory for later.



I think Amy is my favorite so far.  She is so happy.  Dylan sort of whines a lot.


It was Jacob’s turn to greet dad.  Poor Mark is just slaved to skilling right now.


It seems Mark got lost on his way to the weight set.


Mark:  No I didn’t.


You are being a pest.  Get back to skiling!
Mark:  But birthdays!
Don’t care.




Jordan giving Amy a bath.  I guess I did not get his age up photo after all.

Mark wants both boys to be overachievers and Betsy wants them both to get scholarships.   Both boys got scholarships for having A+’s and high charisma from the bunny heads.



It’s a great time for a chance card to go right!  He never did get that last body skill point.



I saw the two day warning for the younger sets birthday and they had no life skills done.  Quick smart milk consumption and Amy was on her way.


Damn that robot!


Jacob takes on Amy’s nursery rhyme to finish her off.


Mark teaches Dylan to walk and his nursery rhyme.  I think Betsy actually taught him to talk and potty.



Amy and Dylan after their birthday.


Jacob burning the house down.


Everyone ran to safety while the fire department did their job.  I think this is the perfect spot to stop.

We will come back to them when Octavia has some teens to send off to Uni with their cousins.

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