Random Town Jump

The goal is to start with one couple in one starting town and follow their family through all of the Electronic Arts/Origin towns that are owned. The new genetics that are brought into the family can be very interesting.

Random Town Jump Rules – Found updated rules 1/29/14.

~Creator notes ~The concept for this project came about when my old computer wouldn’t handle a dynasty or legacy past a generation or two.  Moving to a new town with each generation helped avoid that problem.

The goal is to start with one couple in one starting town and follow their family through all of the Electronic Arts/Origin towns that are owned. The new genetics that are brought into the family can be very interesting.

Random Town Jump Rules

1. Randomize all of the available EA towns. You can randomize the towns by going to http://randomize.org and using their number randomizer. You would assign each number a town and click the randomize button. There are other randomizing utilities on the internet that you can use as well. You can also use an Excel spreadsheet. I use an App on my iPad (or iPhone) called Random Master which works beautifully. Any new towns created by EA can be added.

EDIT: You may also use the Forum’s town, Union Cove.

2. Normal lifespan.

3. No cheats except as noted unless there are building cheats needed such as Move Objects On or such.

MODS: You may use Mods if you wish to help keep your game error free. You may also use a Story Progression mod to ensure there will be a prospective spouse for your heir. If you don’t like mods, you don’t have to use them.

4. A “start out” money cheat of no more than $5,000 is allowed ONLY to have a house roomy enough for a child. No other money cheats are allowed. Use the “kaching” money cheat by hitting CTRL+SHIFT+c and typing in “kaching” (without quotes) for each 1,000 Simoleons that you need.

5. The family will strive to become rich.

6. There is no limit on when a child has to be born, but only a naturally born child of the heir can continue the legacy.

7. You may have as many children as you wish but only the heir can continue the journey.

8. You may choose any child to be the heir, but it must be a child who is conceived after the game is started.

9. No aging up until actual birthday.

10. Roll a random Lifetime Wish for each heir. The heir must achieve his/her Lifetime Wish. Spouse/others do not, though it would be nice to let them to achieve it. Each heir must choose a unique Lifetime Wish so if a duplicate is rolled, continue rolling until there’s one that hasn’t been used. I roll for the Lifetime Wish when the child is born using the same method as Rule No. 1 above.

Modification: Instead of rolling for LTW at heir’s birth, you may roll for traits at each birthday and choose the LTW from one of the four that appear when your sim ages to Young Adult.

11. The heir will find a spouse before moving to a new town. I personally will have the heir find their spouse in the new town, otherwise the move is pointless.  ~Jenn~

12. Each family (parents, heir and heir’s spouse) will move to a new town as soon as the heir becomes a young adult.

CLARIFICATION: To move the family, go to Edit Town and save the family to your bin. When you start your new town, choose your family to move into the house.

13. The family will remain in the moved-into house for the entire generation.

VARIATION: You may either move into a pre-built EA house, OR you may build a house specifically for your family. You may not use a money cheat to be able to afford a house.

14. Heir siblings do not have to move to the new town but they can if you wish. It’s up to you.

15. You may move the family with their house if you wish in order to keep items you may have acquired (such as a 5-Star Chef’s refrigerator). Then, they can move into a different (affordable) house.

16. The game ends when the final heir in the final town reaches Young Adult age. This heir does not have to achieve his/her Lifetime Wish.


There are no restrictions on who the starting family is. I try to make them a couple without children but that’s not a requirement. If they have a child, they need to have another one that will qualify for the heir.

Siblings can come with the heir but they don’t continue the legacy. Meaning it isn’t necessary for them to find a spouse or have offspring and any offspring that they do have won’t be eligible to become an heir. I usually let older siblings remain in the old town but bring younger ones along.

Vacation time is unlimited.

No lifetime wishes are banned.

You can use Lifetime Reward Points to change traits and/or lifetime wishes.

There are no restrictions on occults.

There are no restrictions on bringing people in and out of the household, except: the parents of the heir needs to remain in the household and will move to the new town with the heir.

If one of the parents dies before the heir is Young Adult you should bring the parent’s grave stone/urn along to the next town to keep them in the family tree. It allows future children to inherit features like eye and hair color from their grandparents.

There is no rule against extending life.

The founders should try to complete their lifetime wish if possible. If they have enough LTHR points, their LTW can be changed to match their personality better.

There are no restrictions on adding to the household.

You can edit town however, as often as, and whenever you wish. There are no restrictions.

Q. If I put some items in the family inventory, will it be there in the next town? I want to have them keep the same cars, the time machine and the food replicator.

When Sims are saved as a household, everything in the family inventory is lost. To keep something, it needs to be kept in a Sim’s “personal” inventory. I don’t think the time machine and food replicator can be kept in personal inventory, so you would have to save the family WITH their house. Then, if you want to move to another house, put the items you want to keep in the family inventory, move to the house THEN and move them from there when you get the family moved into the new house.

Q. Do the founders have to be a couple at the start of the game? Or am I allowed to split an existing couple (maybe with kids?) and use one of them together with another townie? And what about teenagers, am I allowed to wait for them to age up and then marry them?

A. The founders do not have to be a couple at the start of the game. You can use whomever you wish as a starting couple.

Your Sim can travel and use the monies obtained without restriction.

Q. Can we adopt children?

A. Yes. There are no restrictions on who you add to the family. They just can’t be the heir.


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