Base Game

Colorful skin through the challenge.
Achieving LTWs for all.
Having a gnome to guard the flamingos.

Points: 0/9

World Adventures

Full Visa per heir/ess.
Buy the Cobra Snake before adulthood per heir/ess.
Obtain a mummy.

Points: 0/9


Obtain Werewolf, Witch and Vampire in a single generation.
Mysterious Bookcase to a hidden roomCompleted
Keep Bonehilda in the house for the whole challenge – In progress

Points: 0/9

Total:  0/27

Mini Challenges 

Boolprop Naming (10 points)
Generation 1: B-O-O- (Bassania, Oium, )
Golden Trio (maybe) (10 points)
Family Scrapook (10 points)
Gnome Government (10 points)
Collector (10 points)
Ghostly Ghoulies (10 points)

Total Points: 0/70

Super Mini Challenges

Workaholics Anonymous (15 points)
Education – Ocean Breeze (In progress)
Sports – Champagne Breeze (In progress)

Traveler Extraodinaire (15 points): Ocean Breeze – In Progress
China – Visa Level 3
Egypt – Visa Level 2
France – Visa Level 2
Completed Collections:
Canopic Jars – Completed
Zodiac Animals – Completed
Chinese Vases (4/8)
Dangerous Creatures (1/4)
Dropa Stones (2/6)
Egyptian Tomb (6/13)
Chinese Tomb (5/9)
French Tomb (1/9)

Monster Mash (maybe) (15 or 25 points)

Total Points: 0/45 (or 55)

Overall Score: 3/142 (or 152)


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