House 005: Week 1

TS4_x64 2016-02-11 23-08-14-24

Welcome to Newcrest with our heiress, Nova and my hair recolor model, Velvet.

The weeks will run from Saturday through Friday.

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House 004: Week 6

Huge absence!  Sorry!  I restarted my subscription to FFXIV and have been playing that religiously.  I even bought my kid the game and we have been playing together a lot too.

ffxiv_dx11 2015-12-26 17-13-59-46 copy

Yeah, so I might have gone past addicted and went straight to obsessed.  I haven’t even owned the game a year yet and there was about 4 months where the game was completed that I didn’t play.

Anywayz, I have 78 shots taken between December 21-23.  This will be a quick documentation because I have no clue what was going on.

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House 004: Week 4

…And we’re back with Kylee!  Last time, Jaxon had a fatal accident.  Kylee met Wade and he moved in, while brother Tommy hasn’t been seen since he found out that Kylee was pregnant with an alien child.

TS4_x64 2015-12-15 17-56-10-23

The week started off with me in a daze.  I really think one of my experiments tried to kill me.  I don’t remember much for several days afterwards.

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House 004: Week 3

Welcome back!  Last time there was work and rocket building.  A nice sim named Jaxon moved in, but afterwards, there was no spark of interest between the two.  They remain good friends though.  Oh and there was a SimRay, the best invention ever.

TS4_x64 2015-12-13 01-38-35-75

Well, it’s Friday again.  I have no clue why this is the start of my week. *shrug*  Today, there was a new receptionist at work.  His name is Arthur and he is very pleasing to look at despite all the makeup.

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